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Hello out there, reading list. I just remembered I have one of these. How's it going?
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Title: Tabula Rasa
Fandom: X-Men: First Class (Sabra La Tau-verse)
Characters: Raven, Erik, Charles
Rating: G

Set in a Sabra Bad End continuity, where Charles and Erik never come home.

'She had been watching, paralysed in place, as the missiles spiralled up and down as Charles and Erik fought, knowing she should do something, but what? And for whom?' )
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Title: The Long Night
Fandom: Sabra La Tau
Characters: Noric Pellaeon and Xavier Elder
Rating: G

Note: The Long Night was a three-day festival held in old Orion, where it was believed people's voices would be heard by the dead.

They decided to head to a fairly large village in Orion that was near to where Noric’s home had been. )
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So every so often, I get really crippling avoidance/anxiety about specific things, usually to do with university or occasionally job applications. In fact it is so specific that it's 99% of the time related to being afraid of checking my email or student portal. I have been caught in this bind in the past and always tell myself I won't be such a dumbarse about it next time, and yet it keeps happening. The most recent example of this is, I have been too afraid to check my results for my last class because... I don't know. Not fear of failing (although I did have one nightmare where I failed and THANKS A LOT SUBCONSCIOUS), but fear of my assessment not having been put through, or the grade just not being there, or any other multitude of things. Things that could in fact be solved by just sucking it up and checking the grade. And it is really dumb behaviour, particularly when my student ID expires on the 29th and then I wouldn't be able to check it at all. Not to mention I don't know what's happening with graduation; I assume I will be? But I've gotten no notification in the mail about it yet.

Anyway, suffice to say that I finally did man up and checked my grade, which was a) present and b) pretty good, as per usual. So here's to a month and a half of time-wasting anxiety.

Now all that remains is for the uni to give me my mortarboard and Masters degree in paper form. (And to avoid this avoidance thing when it comes to checking my email for job application statuses. I will not repeat you again, 2009, you sucked enough the first time.)
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I feel like I should warn for dubious dubiousness. Very much pointless fluff written to alleviate SAD RP THINGS.

Title: Scenes from a Honeymoon
Fandom: X-Men: First Class (Sabra La Tau-verse)
Characters: Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr
Rating: PG

Erik should have suspected Charles was up to something when he came back from Alaska, one night. )
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In pursuit of world-building for Old Sabra AUs, so there may be more of these to come. Continuing my grand tradition of never writing from the POV of the character I actually play.

Title: Untitled (King's Year 183)
Fandom: Sabra La Tau
Characters: Noric Pellaeon and Xavier Elder
Rating: G

'The first time Xavier sees Noric smile is weeks after their first meeting.' )
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Trying to get into the habit of checking my DW list instead of my LJ one. It helps that I deleted LJ from my bookmarks toolbar!!

Cleaned the last of the old house today. I spent... most of my time trying to get all the FUCKING BLUTACK off my walls. I had a lot of posters and years of not cleaning those walls finally came back to kick my ass. The main offender is that one wall in my room which has bumpy paint. This is hard to explain, but the house is a sixties beast and apparently that meant they thought it was cool to have three smooth walls and then one with this bizarre bumpy, spatter ridged effect. Which, okay, power to you, Guy Who Designed That House. But it is annoying as SHIT to clean, and collected spiderwebs like you wouldn't believe. I will not miss that wall.

And ultimately, though I didn't particularly want to leave that house, I am not really sad about it. I feel perfectly okay in this new place, rental though it is. It's more my stuff that's important to me than the room it comes in. Also, I have a floor to ceiling window in this new room. I can actually see the yard! It's awesome.

I also seriously need to strip my icons here and do new ones.
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Everyone else is doing this on plurk but I'm going to put down this part here, so that it does not get lost within like a week. So, character meta on Erik Lehnsherr and his run in Sabra La Tau. Because I have been waiting SO LONG!! to talk about some of these things.

Or, 'The Redemptive Power of Killing the Shit out of Some Gods.' )
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Title: Drawing the Line
Fandom: X-Men: First Class (Sabra La Tau 'verse)
Characters: Charles, Erik, Raven
Rating: PG

Eventually, the question of What To Do With the Helmet arose. )
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To wit, I spent over three hours reading through my materials and copying out relevant quotes, and planning my essay. Only I haven't actually started the essay. I will do that tomorrow, and it's only 1500 words, but fuuuuu. I'm going to have more trouble getting everything IN to that tiny word count than coming up with things to say.
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Because Windcheater told me to.

Avatar: the Ride )
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What kind of asshole goes into a store and sticks their CHEWED CHEWING GUM onto a display bed's quilt cover?

I'd like to know so I can get my rage on the next time any of them dare wander into my section. Even though it was yesterday and I wasn't working that day. I was still pissed off beyond measure.
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I've been thinking about video games lately. For me, I tend to attribute video games IN GENERAL to a certain part of my life, when I was 10-14 years old. This was around the period when Nintendo 64 was out, and I can tell you, I tried out probably 70% of the games released on that silly console. I would go to the video rental store once a week and rent games, depending on what I'd read was a good one in my latest N64 Gamer magazine. I loved my N64 and the games on it. Hell, I asked for an N64 for my birthday last year so I could play Banjo-Kazooie again. Now I've never been great at finishing games. It took until my second copies of B-K and Ocarina of Time to actually finish them. I played games a lot, but I sure as heck didn't finish most of them.

These days, I'm not really inclined to gaming the way I was back then. I enjoy games still; I especially like playing my DS, and I super enjoy Metal Gear Solid when I remember to actually play it (ie. I started 3 about three months ago and forgot to keep going, derp). But I don't really tend to play the games I buy much. My attention span for video games is totally shot; if I don't play them consistently every night, I will forget to keep going and then ultimately have to start over. And really, I can't be buggered doing that. And yet, I still would like to trawl eBay and buy old N64 games to replay. Damn I would love me some Goldeneye 64, Jet Force Gemini and F-Zero X.

...though I do have F-Zero X on the Wii, along with Lylat Wars (which is actually Star Fox 64, they just. changed the name here. for some reason). If Rare didn't belong to goddamned Microsoft now and let their games be put on Virtual Console, I wouldn't have needed another N64.
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- SoulSilver is reigniting my Pokemon joy. If I'm still feeling it when I finish this game, maybe I'll restart my Pearl game. I gave up on that one when I got stuck, but it'll be cool to play a game where I don't already know every Pokemon before I see it.

- I still have too many plans for RP, but I'm doing better at getting into things now. Sabra is making more sense to me, CFUD is in it's regular place. Gauntlet I haven't posted at since the start of April, but I'll get to it. I don't think they even have activity checks soooo.

- Only I could walk into a DVD store intending to buy Big Bang Theory and walk out with the Lord of the Rings trilogy on Blu-Ray. Self, that's called a fail.

- I've had a lovely sleep in today and collected my Japan/Singapore photos from the shop, so I'm gonna have a laze today. I may clean up the pile of paperwork on my desk, and do some doujinshi scanning as well.
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Am I the only person who, when referring to their DS, still calls it a Gameboy?
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Why so End of Evangelion, Moriyama?
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LJ rearranged things in the task bar and it confused me for a good five minutes. :(


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