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So every so often, I get really crippling avoidance/anxiety about specific things, usually to do with university or occasionally job applications. In fact it is so specific that it's 99% of the time related to being afraid of checking my email or student portal. I have been caught in this bind in the past and always tell myself I won't be such a dumbarse about it next time, and yet it keeps happening. The most recent example of this is, I have been too afraid to check my results for my last class because... I don't know. Not fear of failing (although I did have one nightmare where I failed and THANKS A LOT SUBCONSCIOUS), but fear of my assessment not having been put through, or the grade just not being there, or any other multitude of things. Things that could in fact be solved by just sucking it up and checking the grade. And it is really dumb behaviour, particularly when my student ID expires on the 29th and then I wouldn't be able to check it at all. Not to mention I don't know what's happening with graduation; I assume I will be? But I've gotten no notification in the mail about it yet.

Anyway, suffice to say that I finally did man up and checked my grade, which was a) present and b) pretty good, as per usual. So here's to a month and a half of time-wasting anxiety.

Now all that remains is for the uni to give me my mortarboard and Masters degree in paper form. (And to avoid this avoidance thing when it comes to checking my email for job application statuses. I will not repeat you again, 2009, you sucked enough the first time.)
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Trying to get into the habit of checking my DW list instead of my LJ one. It helps that I deleted LJ from my bookmarks toolbar!!

Cleaned the last of the old house today. I spent... most of my time trying to get all the FUCKING BLUTACK off my walls. I had a lot of posters and years of not cleaning those walls finally came back to kick my ass. The main offender is that one wall in my room which has bumpy paint. This is hard to explain, but the house is a sixties beast and apparently that meant they thought it was cool to have three smooth walls and then one with this bizarre bumpy, spatter ridged effect. Which, okay, power to you, Guy Who Designed That House. But it is annoying as SHIT to clean, and collected spiderwebs like you wouldn't believe. I will not miss that wall.

And ultimately, though I didn't particularly want to leave that house, I am not really sad about it. I feel perfectly okay in this new place, rental though it is. It's more my stuff that's important to me than the room it comes in. Also, I have a floor to ceiling window in this new room. I can actually see the yard! It's awesome.

I also seriously need to strip my icons here and do new ones.


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