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Title: Drawing the Line
Fandom: X-Men: First Class (Sabra La Tau 'verse)
Characters: Charles, Erik, Raven
Rating: PG

Eventually, the question of What To Do With the Helmet arose. They had put it off for a long while, but all good things come to an end, and so do all noncommittal silences. Charles wanted it out of the house. Erik, naturally, wanted to keep it. Charles thought this was ridiculous, and more than a little macabre, as he pointed out it was akin to keeping someone’s head as a trophy. And while Erik would never agree to that being at all the reason (even though it kind of was), he wouldn’t give a more solid one either, and so they had one of their rare but spectacular blowups about it.

Voices were raised and names were called, including ‘Magneto’, which was tantamount to a violent swear in the Xavier household and resulted in Erik storming out of the house, helmet in hand and back resolutely to the door. Watching him go, Charles tried not to imagine exactly when (or if) Erik would come back, or what he’d be doing in the meantime. Patting him kindly on the shoulder, Raven said, “Charles, I love you, but you’re really very stupid sometimes.”

He had to admit she had a point.

So he tried to occupy himself in the meantime. He continued his lessons with the other mutants, and he worked on the new build of Cerebro with Hank, and he definitely didn’t think about using it to track down Erik and say … something. It didn’t matter what, since he wasn’t doing it. And he tried not to be too morose when some of Lepus turned up for dinner one night, fielding off the questions of where Edge was with “Oh, doing some work somewhere. You know how he is.” Luckily they did in fact know how he was, and so they bought it.

About five days later, Charles came home and Erik’s presence in the household made him stumble a bit mentally. He followed it into one of the lounge rooms, where he found the other man standing in front of the fireplace, looking at the sword hanging above the mantle.

(This had been another point of contention, once upon a time, as Charles didn’t think it was appropriate for a godslaying somewhat-sentient sword to be kept within sight or reach of the children, whereas Erik thought hiding such a thing was a great waste, and he wasn’t exactly using that spot above the fireplace for anything, anyway.)

“Erik, listen, I--” he started, but was cut off when Erik turned around.

“Will this do?” he said, and flipped something long up into his hands. Charles stared at it. It looked like a sword sheath, and this was so off topic that it took him a moment to reply.

“Will it do for... what?” Erik raised an eyebrow, and called the sword off the mantlepiece. He slid it smoothly into the sheath, and-- Charles realised he couldn’t hear it anymore. He’d gotten used to its incessant humming at the back of his mind. And the only thing that could have cut it off must have been... “Did you--?”

“I’m keeping it,” Erik said flatly. “One way or another.”

Charles thought it was probably not appropriate to kiss Erik with a godslaying semi-sentient sword jammed in between them either, but he didn’t really mind. At least he didn’t have to listen to it.