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I've been thinking about video games lately. For me, I tend to attribute video games IN GENERAL to a certain part of my life, when I was 10-14 years old. This was around the period when Nintendo 64 was out, and I can tell you, I tried out probably 70% of the games released on that silly console. I would go to the video rental store once a week and rent games, depending on what I'd read was a good one in my latest N64 Gamer magazine. I loved my N64 and the games on it. Hell, I asked for an N64 for my birthday last year so I could play Banjo-Kazooie again. Now I've never been great at finishing games. It took until my second copies of B-K and Ocarina of Time to actually finish them. I played games a lot, but I sure as heck didn't finish most of them.

These days, I'm not really inclined to gaming the way I was back then. I enjoy games still; I especially like playing my DS, and I super enjoy Metal Gear Solid when I remember to actually play it (ie. I started 3 about three months ago and forgot to keep going, derp). But I don't really tend to play the games I buy much. My attention span for video games is totally shot; if I don't play them consistently every night, I will forget to keep going and then ultimately have to start over. And really, I can't be buggered doing that. And yet, I still would like to trawl eBay and buy old N64 games to replay. Damn I would love me some Goldeneye 64, Jet Force Gemini and F-Zero X.

...though I do have F-Zero X on the Wii, along with Lylat Wars (which is actually Star Fox 64, they just. changed the name here. for some reason). If Rare didn't belong to goddamned Microsoft now and let their games be put on Virtual Console, I wouldn't have needed another N64.

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