Jan. 14th, 2012

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Trying to get into the habit of checking my DW list instead of my LJ one. It helps that I deleted LJ from my bookmarks toolbar!!

Cleaned the last of the old house today. I spent... most of my time trying to get all the FUCKING BLUTACK off my walls. I had a lot of posters and years of not cleaning those walls finally came back to kick my ass. The main offender is that one wall in my room which has bumpy paint. This is hard to explain, but the house is a sixties beast and apparently that meant they thought it was cool to have three smooth walls and then one with this bizarre bumpy, spatter ridged effect. Which, okay, power to you, Guy Who Designed That House. But it is annoying as SHIT to clean, and collected spiderwebs like you wouldn't believe. I will not miss that wall.

And ultimately, though I didn't particularly want to leave that house, I am not really sad about it. I feel perfectly okay in this new place, rental though it is. It's more my stuff that's important to me than the room it comes in. Also, I have a floor to ceiling window in this new room. I can actually see the yard! It's awesome.

I also seriously need to strip my icons here and do new ones.


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