May. 2nd, 2010

aragorn: (It's a kind of magic)
- SoulSilver is reigniting my Pokemon joy. If I'm still feeling it when I finish this game, maybe I'll restart my Pearl game. I gave up on that one when I got stuck, but it'll be cool to play a game where I don't already know every Pokemon before I see it.

- I still have too many plans for RP, but I'm doing better at getting into things now. Sabra is making more sense to me, CFUD is in it's regular place. Gauntlet I haven't posted at since the start of April, but I'll get to it. I don't think they even have activity checks soooo.

- Only I could walk into a DVD store intending to buy Big Bang Theory and walk out with the Lord of the Rings trilogy on Blu-Ray. Self, that's called a fail.

- I've had a lovely sleep in today and collected my Japan/Singapore photos from the shop, so I'm gonna have a laze today. I may clean up the pile of paperwork on my desk, and do some doujinshi scanning as well.


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