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I feel like I should warn for dubious dubiousness. Very much pointless fluff written to alleviate SAD RP THINGS.

Title: Scenes from a Honeymoon
Fandom: X-Men: First Class (Sabra La Tau-verse)
Characters: Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr
Rating: PG


Erik should have suspected Charles was up to something when he came back from Alaska, one night. He had stumbled in the door, half-frozen and bruised, having just done some reconnaissance at a military installation there, had been gone far longer than he’d stated in his note, and yet all Charles did when he saw him was purse his lips and say, “I’ll run a bath.” He should have picked up on the lack of the usual three questions that came with his returns to the mansion, which were “How did it go?”, “Are you all right?” and the unvoiced but still audible in its absence “Did anyone else get hurt?” Erik usually had the same three answers - well enough, yes I’m fine, and not fatally - but it was a familiar routine by now. However, that night he was too cold and miserable to really care that he hadn’t been asked, and so he had sipped at some tea until the bath was ready.

A few days later, his lack of suspicions came back to haunt him when Charles woke up beside him and said brightly, “I have an idea I’d like to run past you.”

“And what’s that?” he replied, rubbing his hand over his eyes.

“I think we need a holiday.” Erik paused, staring at him.

“A holiday.”

“Yes,” Charles continued, sitting up straighter. “I think we’ve earned one, you especially, and I have a few options for where we could go--”

“Hold on,” he interrupted, pushing himself up on an elbow. “I don’t take holidays.”

Charles merely raised his eyebrows. “I’m aware, which is why you need one more than I do.”

“Charles, don’t be ridiculous.”

“It’s hardly ridiculous, people take holidays all the time.” People who aren’t fighting for the survival of their species, Erik thought darkly, but Charles prattled on either unaware of his thought or ignoring it entirely. “Not to mention, it’s my birthday on Tuesday, and I wouldn’t mind a holiday myself.”

Erik did in fact already know it was Charles’ birthday on Tuesday, but immediately brushed that fact aside for more pressing matters. “I’m not taking a holiday,” he said flatly. “There’s too much I have to do.”

“It won’t be a long one.”

“I don’t care, I’m not--”

“Did you know,” Charles said loudly, speaking over him, “that if you think about the time as well as the location you want to go to when visiting other worlds via that one wish, you can come back at almost exactly the same time you left?”

Erik stared. “No, but that doesn’t mean--”

“So you won’t be missing anything if we go to someone else’s world.”

“I still have to--”

“I’ll give Ms Frost a call and let her know the situation, so any business you needed to attend to in that minute of displaced time is taken care of.”


“And!” Charles whipped a pair of tickets out of a drawer beside him. “I’ve already booked us onto a spaceship cruise in Jim’s universe. They’re non-refundable.”

Erik wanted to bang his head against a table, but there were none within easy reach. Instead, he settled for burrowing back down under the covers, turning his back on the other man. “You’re an awful person,” he muttered.

“I know, dear,” the telepath said, flipping the sheets back enough to kiss him on the cheek. “Now get up, we have a lot of packing to do.”



“How exactly did you pay for these tickets, again?” Erik asked, dumping his suitcase onto the bed of their cabin. The room was... he wanted to say ‘overwrought’, but who knew what was considered ostentatious this far into the future? Erik just knew it contained more gold-gilt picture frames and patterned carpets than he thought was necessary. First class looked much the same as it always had, he supposed.

“Oh, well, they were sort of a donation,” Charles replied from the bathroom. “My money is hundreds of years out of date here, after all. It would look strange if I put down bills for half a millenia ago.”

“So you stole them.”

“I did not!” he protested, coming out and giving Erik an indignant look. “I merely convinced the cruise company that it would be very beneficial to them to let us review the rooms.”

“Meaning,” Erik said blandly, unfolding one of his shirts, “you stole them.”

Charles had the grace to look mildly embarrassed. “It’s a money-less society, I couldn’t really think of much else. Besides, Jim said I could use his name to get tickets. I just bumped the class up one or two levels.”

“Charles, do you really think I mind? As long as you don’t start wearing those absurd Hawaiian shirts I saw on people earlier, I am going to be fine.”

“I thought they were quite festive.”

“, there is a bar on this ship, I assume.”



The upside of vacationing on a spaceship in the future was that at least half of the passengers weren’t human. Oh, humans were still around, often being very loud, but Erik could ignore them very easily in favour of the other marvellous species roaming the decks.

The downside was, much the same as on Earth, a lot of people on the ship were considered a senior citizen within their own species as well.

“Well how was I to know?” Charles said moodily, moving his queen across the chessboard in the tea room. (There was a game room, where the chess set had come from, but it was currently occupied by a number of screaming children trying to thrash each other at video games. So they had borrowed the chess board and taken it elsewhere.) “My mother went on cruises, and she wasn’t so old at the time.”

“Mm, the purview of the rich, the bored and the elderly.” He moved his knight, flicking one of Charles’ pawns over. “And now of the mutant.”

“It’s not so bad as all that,” Charles persisted, examining the board. “I had a lovely conversation with a fellow from a few solar systems over about how they manage gravity fields.” He paused, frowning at his pieces. “At least, I think it was a man. Their mind wasn’t quite on the same spectrum as mine, it was like tuning into a bad radio station.”

“How tragic. Check.”



He had settled down with one of the things people up here were calling a datapad for only ten minutes when Charles slammed the door open and looked at him pointedly.


He looked up and smiled. “Charles.”

“What are you doing?”

“Trying out future technology.”

“You’re working, aren’t you.”

“On deciphering this thing’s uses, yes.”

“No, you’re using it to plan strikes against anti-mutant groups.”

“Well, I have to test out the functions somehow.”

“Stop, right now, or I will throw that thing overboard.”

“There is no overboard, Charles. The ship is entirely encased in metal, shields and some kind of plastic.”

“Down the laundry chute, then.”

“Those are made of metal too.”

He made a face. “Stop working or I’m going downstairs to buy one of those Hawaiian shirts from the giftshop.”

“Hmm,” Erik said, returning his attention to the datapad. “Would you pick up a souvenir sticker for me while you’re there?” He had to smirk as the door slammed shut again.



It became ten times funnier when Charles strode back in an hour later, wearing the worst shirt imaginable. Later, Erik would realise this was actually effective at making him stop working. At the time though, he was laughing too hard to think of much else.



Neither of them had a reason, anymore, to curl up together as tightly as they did. It had been months and months since they needed to share a bed that was barely adequate for one person; since one had needed to go on the run and hide in the dorm of the other. Neither of them felt that awful, overbearing weight of their past lives hanging over their heads like an axe, with their current lives rising up like spikes, that drove them to cling to each other in the dark for their own sanity.

Nor did they make love and collapse into sleep tangled in each others’ limbs every night and day as they used to, finally easing away from that first rush of ecstasy and settling into something more mundane, though no less important.

Still, by tacit unspoken agreement, they always held on to each other as they slept. Here was no exception.

Erik ran his fingers through Charles’ hair in the dark, and felt the other smile.



Erik was up early on the third day of the cruise, reading what passed for a newspaper on the ship (in reality, information feeding through the datapad). Eventually, he reached over and prodded Charles in the side, who mumbled irritably.

“Don’t you think you’ve slept enough?” he asked the rumpled mess of brown hair.

You’re one to talk, came the silent reply.

“Come on. This is one of the ship’s drop-down days. We’ll be going to another planet, you were so adamant about this being an important part of the holiday.”

Charles made another sleepy noise, and Erik sighed, mentally preparing himself to rip the covers off the man. The ship’s intercom crackled to life before he could do so.

”Good morning, everyone! Just a reminder that we’ll be touching down today on beautiful Cyronia, at 0800 standard time. Please be ready to disembark in thirty minutes should you wish to explore their famous beaches, and remember to add your names to the ship’s manifest so we can count you off as you return this evening.’

Blinking, Erik turned to look at Charles, who stared right back.

“Well,” Erik shrugged, throwing the datapad onto a chair, “I feel like a day in bed, don’t you?”

“I do indeed.”



Erik did not love easily, but when he did, he loved intensely. He loved freedom. He loved mutation. He loved the feel of Raven’s skin under his hand, and he loved the warmth of the sun on his face. He loved the look on a human’s face in the split second before he crushed him. He loved Charles. And he loved running his fingertips along metal, walking down the top deck of the ship, watching the stars through the transparent barrier keeping space at bay.

He paused at the end of the passageway, where it opened out onto the swimming pool. Turning left, he went over to the railing instead - completely decorative, what with the barrier - and leaned there, observing the vast emptiness. He wasn’t sure if he loved his life; certainly he wondered, at times, if he’d made the right decision. But that was an argument he was tired of. If he changed his mind at any point, little would stop him from returning to the path he’d walked before. He was okay with this, if not in love with it.

No other road would have lead him into space, after all. And that was something special.



It was Tuesday, at least as far as they were concerned. They had breakfast, went down to the next planet on their visit list (which definitely had no beaches in sight), then spent a lazy afternoon in bed. At some point they procured a birthday cupcake, though Erik couldn’t remember where, having started casually drinking around two o’clock, while Charles was anything but casual about it.

So it was getting a bit difficult to keep his mind clear of what he’d successfully kept out of reach for a few weeks, when at seven Charles suggested they head to the bar for dinner. He told Charles to wait a moment, then flipped open his suitcase, pulling out the square package he’d stowed underneath his clothes, and handed it to him.

When Charles tore the paper away and held the chessboard in his hands, Erik explained that it had been hard to go about making the thing - shaping metal and piecing it together exactly, throwing more into the forge so he could properly shape the game pieces after much trial and error - without Charles catching any stray thoughts about it. And that that was why he’d been so snappish a couple of weeks back when asked where he’d been all day, so there’s the reason. He would have added more, but then Charles’ mouth got in the way and he decided it wasn’t very important.



He felt atrocious the next day, more hungover than he could ever remember being. He recalled them finally going to the bar at eight o’clock, after being dragged back into bed for a time. And there had been more drinking, he was positive of that much. There might have been dancing, but he preferred to think that was a hallucination. He didn’t dance.

Groaning, he dragged a pillow over his head, cursing the unfamiliar itch in his mind. He could feel it tugging at his -- his finger, for some reason, so he cracked an eye open and looked at his hand.

Then he sat up, even though that sent the world reeling uncomfortably for a moment. He held his hand up and stared at it. He definitely had not been wearing a ring the night before.

He jabbed Charles in the side. “Charles.” The other man made a noise of protest and just pulled the blanket up higher, so Erik ripped it off and yanked him over by the shoulder.

“Ow, what, what?” he grumbled, rubbing at his face. “I’m not feeling the best, so could you please not--”

Erik snatched his hand off his face and held it away a bit. “Do you see that?”

A beat. “Um.”

“It’s a ring.”

“That... seems like a ring, yes.”

“I have one too.”


They sat in silence for a moment. Then Charles spoke up, sheepish.

“Well, I mean... it’s not exactly binding, is it?”


“We’re hundreds of years in the future, with no documentation, not to mention it’s illegal, and--”

“Charles. Shut up.”

They kept the rings. As far as accidents went, they agreed, there had been worse ones.


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And then the kids wanted to ask why they had rings, but Raven just went "Why do you think" and walks off.
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That, and Raven is the only one who gets to intrude and leave unscathed.
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More like they don't stand a chance with her.
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"... We had a wedding without Raven."

"Just pick your hands into your pockets when she comes."
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"Did I see something glitt--"

"Oh, hello, Raven, we're terribly busy."

"Okay, look, I get it, but you don't have to talk in code every time you two need a moment alone."

"Co--Oh. Yes. Right. Won't happen again."

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Then she'll employ the X-kids to stalk them.
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I love everything.

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